About Zhané Aliya.

I am a twenty year old fashion enthusiast! Fashion is the reason behind everything I do. Of course, I have other interests (makeup, interior design, project planning, video content creating, crocheting, playing dress up in my own clothes, etc.) but they all tie back into something that falls under fashion. I’m currently on a break from college. In the spring of 2018, I will be returning to college (Won’t let you know where just yet…). I’m using this time (from now up until I graduate) to not only obtain degrees and grow my talents but to also use my time wisely to network, make connections, build my brand, pinpoint exactly what I want to do career wise in the fashion industry, work on my YouTube channel, and to launch and grow my businesses (YES with an “-es”!) that will give me a leg up and a foot ahead when I graduate. I hope you enjoy reading up on the Fashion Insustry from my POV (and a splash of my life)!


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