“BAD BITCH” Isn’t a Life Goal

So yesterday, I was flipping through InstaStory and ran across a screenshot of a tweet that read: "Your wcw thinks being a "bad bitch" is all that matters in life". My first reaction was to laugh and I did because we all know/knew someone (of either gender tbh) who's big dream was to look good, have expensive things, go out and get lit, and be Instagram famous. Like girl! You really have to roll your head at these types of girls. Yes I said GIRLS because that's not a real woman type of dream! After I was done laughing at it with my best friend, I had to step back and think how sad that there are really girls who think that "bad bitch" is the ultimate goal.

While these girls are idolizing these women they "aspire" to be, they really don't step back to look at what they are admiring. I mean I get it, they look amazing, they're "goals", and they look like they're living the best life. (Still don't get why everyone wants to look like one type of woman but – another topic for another day & post.) These women are yes! bad, but that's not all there is to them. The expensive things, the trips, and the lifestyle they're living COSTS. Now I'm not taking about the ones who's Blac Chyna'ing (I definitely just made up that word but you know what I'm talking about!) and have finanacers (You know what that is too.). I'm talking about the women who worked for their lifestyle. Although people don't want to admit it, that includes women like the Kardashian/Jenners. These women are putting in work behind the scenes. They have businesses, they're artists, they are putting time and effort into SOMETHING that's making them the money is costs to be a "bad bitch". Most of what you see is the glamorous side. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gorgeous and looking fabulous but it's not free, handed to you, or easy. So how could these girls walk around with these "goals" without a plan to be what they aspire to be? Or is it even a goal? Just a dream they're waiting to fall on them?

Us as young woman, we need to do better and stop aspiring to be one side of the picture. That's crazy! Aspire to have a career, to further your education, to be something with a purpose and then a "bad bitch". Be a "bad bitch" with her own business! Aspire to look good AND be financially stable AND live a happy life AND have healthy relationships AND have a close relationship with God!

I could really go deeper on this topic but I'll save it for another post on an even deeper issue. Start a discussion and express your opinion in the comments! I'd love to hear from some of the girls who were the type I spoke of in this article. Below I left a few "bad bitches" (classified by you) that are about their business and you can really look up to (classified by me):








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