Cutting People Off & the Importance of Surrounding Yourself with GOOD People

People are always talking about cutting people off but I feel like the majority of people are doing it for petty reasons and don’t really understand why it’s truly important to cut certain types of people out of their lives. I thought I’d blog about this topic because recently I’ve cut off a few people not for petty reasons and not because they did anything dramatically harmful towards me, but because I realized they weren’t good people for me to have in my life anymore. 

Although my being is 20 years old, my mindset isn’t. You guys are seeing the projects that I’ve been working on and I’m doing so much more behind the scences. I haven’t even released most of what I’ve been working on. That’s what I’m focused on! I’m focused on elevating myself (career and lifestyle wise) and feeding good things into my spirit to better myself. That’s brought me to the conclusion that I can’t surround myself with just anybody. Just like negative vibes and spaces can have a negative effect on your productivity and mindset, having negative people in your life can do the same, if not worse! Think about it. 

Everyone’s had or has that negative friend that’s always talking about what they need to do (instead of doing it), what they don’t have (instead of being grateful for what they do), and focuses on the negative parts of any situation. Or if you’re like me and are focusing on making moves, advancing yourself, and bettering yourself and you have that friend who’s just stuck with no plans or goals or have some and aren’t really dedicated to them. When you’re talking to or with these type of friends, you find yourself being negative right along with them (that fake happy negative where you’re laughing about things that are usually about people and/or very insignificant things) and your mindset isn’t as positive and flowing with those good, optimistic thoughts like it usually does. You adapt to their negative ways when you’re around them. 

Sometimes you don’t see that these friends aren’t as good for you as you thought they were until you start doing bigger things. You find yourself not being able to talk about the things you really care about because they don’t understand or aren’t interested. Or you can’t talk about positive things around them because they suck you back into those negative conversation or long talks about absolutely nothing. This is called growing out of people which is normal and healthy. 

I’ve grown out of some “friends” this year and I’ve really been cutting these people off and out of my life with literally no explanation. I feel like unless confronted (sometimes even then), you owe these people no explanation mostly because they won’t get it. Just like when you cut people off who have caused drama in your life or have done something very harmful to you, you deserve peace and the option to chose who you want to surround yourself with. Surrounding yourself with GOOD people is very important!

Having the right people in your inner and outer circle makes a huge impact on your life verses having the type of people I spoke of above in your circle. Think about it. If you surround yourself with supportive, uplifting, and positive people that are focused, motivated, and driven like you are in whatever they’re passionate about, how could you not fall into those same patterns, be inspired to do the same, or be motivated to go harder with whatever you’re focused on! The right people will inspire you with positive talks, check on your progress with the goals you told them you set (because they assume you’re working towards them and not just all talk), and even give you a little push to do or work harder towards what you said you wanted to accomplish. If you have these people in your life, I suggest you latch on and learn what you can from them.  

With recently getting serious about everything I’ve been all talk about, I’ve realized I could only have certain people in my life. I can no longer associate myself with people who I’m not getting anything from. I need support, uplifting words, to be inspired by, and to learn things from the friends I chose to have. I need for them to be working towards something, to be focused on the right positive things, and to have the right mindset. The friendship I’m talking about is definitely mutual. We can feed off of each other, help each other, inspire each other, push each other, and hold each other accountable for what we said we are going to accomplish.

I hope you’re still with me and made it to the end. I hope you learned that you could be holding yourself back from your next level by trying to drag these types of people with you. I hope you don’t self sabotage yourself by holding onto these people any longer. I hope you begin to build a better connection with your friends who are focused and driven. I hope you keep bettering yourself everyday and keep working to obtain all the goals you set out to accomplish!

Feel free to share stories or start a discussion in the comments or leave some other topics you’d like for me to share about!


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