5 Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

As you know, Fashion always repeats itself. Trends come and go and sometimes we see some rotate back in before others. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of 90’s and early 2000’s inspired looks and I’m loving it! Here are 5 fashion trends making a comeback in 2017:


Wifebeaters were a staple in the early 2000’s! The guys were wearing them, the girls were wearing them, and the emo kids were cutting them up and wearing them! They’re now a mostly woman trend being worn in its original form, in a bodysuit form, or with JUICY written across the chest. I think I might want to try some DIYs with a few beaters! (Fashion Fun Fact: The name “wifebeater” came from the many appearances they made between the 30’s and 40’s in American movies on men physically and emotionally abusing their wives. Smh! Why don’t we have another name for these tank tops?!) (Photo Credit: @aaliyahjay)


Yes, platform are back in! The last time we was this trend was during the Converse era. Recently, Gucci came out with a few styles, including this bomb rainbow colored pair (shown above)! We’ve seen them as sneakers, sandals, and the cute go-go looking heels! (Photo Credit: @iamtstyles_)

Fanny Packs

We loved them and then we clowned them on the corny looking moms and then we loved them and then they died off again and now we love them in a whole new way! Fanny packs are now being warm across the chest, as well as around the waist. They’re now being made in designer canvases, being painted on, and made out of all kinds of creative fabrics. Plus you can’t knock the hands-free but I have everything I need option they give you! (Photo Credit: @tuffbrandapparel)


All the dudes used to be in the durags whether they were getting their waves right or not! Then they became just a hair care accessories for in the house, except for for those cornballs who thought they could still rock it out and looked dumb. Since black culture was mocked on the runway, they’ve been back on heads but postlude females this time around and I’m loving the looks I’ve seen paired with them! (Photo Credit: @kelseyashley_)

Small Designer Bags 

I know everyone remembers those small bags that just carried your phone, gloss, and card! I’ve always thought they were so cute and they’re fun to see in early 2000’s inspired looks. The girls are so cute swinging those little bags around or having them on their shoulders with the thumb tucked in waiting to curve the dudes down the block! (Photo Credit: @sydtabre)

I’ve definitely seen a lot of 90’s and 2000’s trends making a comeback this year. Comment down below some trends that you’ve seen making a comeback from other eras!


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