17 Summer ’17 Fashion Trends

We’re officially 2 days into summer, I know you girls have already started working on building your summer wardrobes and FAHSHUN x Zhané is here to help you out with that! I’ve collected 27 fashion trends that will be HOT all Summer ’17 long as a guide for y’all to shop by but you add your own style and flare to for bomb Summer ’17 looks!

Checkerboard Print


I believe the rebirth of checkerboard print is owed to Vans. Checkerboard print will be featured in a lot of laid-back, causal, and athleisure looks this summer. I’ve already seen a lot of checkerboard looks paired perfectly with our Summer ’17 Fashion Trend #4 Flames. 

(1. Top from klosetenvy.com 2. #FoundonPinterest 3. Custom Laroxx (@laroxx) 4. #FoundonPinterest)




Comfy is in! Lately, women have been taking breaks from the cutesy, girly looks to slay in sweats. I’m a big fan of this trend simple because it’s comfortable and still looks bomb. The loungewear trend has also been dressed up and worn with heels. Loose pants and heels are one of the best combos like ever!

(1. @glowprincesss 2. Loungewear from @shalaistudios 3. @rainmairina 4. @eyeconicash)



Crochet never goes out of style! It comes around mostly in warmer seasons but it’s a little more popular than usual this summer due to the recent new age twist in the crochet industry. Crochet is no longer just grandma knick-knacks and basic crochet tops. Full blown outfits and intricate designs are now being crocheted up. Hop on this trend by shopping at prehookd.bigcartel.com (@shophookd) for all your crochet needs!

(1. @bellahadid 2. @justineskye 3. prehookd.bigcartel.com 4. @n00rvana)




Flames are lit this summer! (Lol!) Inspired by the Thrasher Mag’s logo and their t-shirt popularizing, flames are the new hot thing! (I’m real corny, lmao!) Flames are everywhere from apparel to hair to nails to shoes! I honestly can see this trend staying with us past this summer. It also has been seen and pairs well with checkerboard print (#1) and on/with denim and leather.

(1. thrashermagazine.com 2. @foreverflawlyss 3. @braxattacks 4. herfavoritela.com)




For those who don’t know, athleisure us a trend where clothes that are designed for athletic activities are worn in other settings. Sports jersey and active wear have been worn casually for years now but designers are now starting to incorporate the trend into their lines to execute this trend in more creative ways. Athleisure looks can range from casual to red carpet depending on how it’s styled. I’m excited to see how creative this trend will get this summer!

(1. @braxattacks 2. Dress shop.namilia.com 3. Bodysuit HMNALNS.com 3. @braxattacks)


Bold Sunglasses


We’ve been wearing big and bold sunglasses for years now but this summer the trend is even more dramatic! The design ideas were pulled from everywhere from Barbie to the 90’s. Bomb sunglasses just keep getting more and more affordable, so there’s no reason why you can’t rock a pair to a add to a great summer fit. (Unless your best friend let your favs fly off roller coasters @ Six Flags… Thanks Quinton!)

(1. unicornuniverse.com 2-4. glossthelabel.com)


Bell Silhouettes


Drama should be one of these trends because that’s definitely what’s in! Bell silhouettes are on so many tops, pants, etc. this season. It just adds a cute flare to something that could be so basic without it.

(1. slashedbytia.net 2 & 3. klosetenvy.com 4. #FoundonPinterest)




Perspex has been in since Kanye dropped those bomb clear heels for Yeezy Season 2. We’ve seen the perspex trend on everything and everybody in every color. The trend has been incorporated in styles from chokers to slides and now apparel! I’m really excited to see how else designers are going to incorporate perspex into more clothing items!

(1. #FoundonPinterest 2. Remetti Heel @ fashionnova.com 3. Preorder w @clvydope 4. @sorellaboutique)




This summer, everybody is letting it all out and leaving JUST enough to the imagination! the mesh trend has gone from black turtleneck bodysuits to the fishnets trend to dresses and skirts worn with just coordinating undergarments worn underneath. Throughout the summer, we will see mesh worn as a layer over outfits and bathing suits. The trend gets more creative the longer it stays around and has a new twist every season.

(1. Supreme Fishnet Bralet Black @ supremetings.com (Sold Out) 2. @mrsaiyana 3. @soooraven 4. Long Sleeve Mesh Set @ sosorella.com)


Colored Camo


People are going around giving me Survivor x Destiny’s Child vibes (Beyoncé, where them twins at?!) in their colored camo. I’m not sure who or what started the trend but @pluggednycstore is slaying the colored camo trend. I’ve seen it dressed up in heels and dressed comfy with Vans (#1). Either way, colored camo is a sure way to serve Hot Girl looks all Summer ’17.

(1. pluggednyc.com 2-4. twileytm.com)


Oversized Vintage Baroque Print Buttom Downs


For girls who set their own trends like @theanayal8ter, this trend has been apart of her wardrobe long before it came back around. Recently, brands like @minamonroe have reproduced these style shirts and they’re definitely something you want in your closet this summer. The bright colors and busy patterns rep summer fashion so well.

(1. minamonroe.com 2. divaxpressvintage.com 3. minamonroe.com 4. divaxpressvintage.com)


Heeled Boots in Heat


Due to the recent influx of bright colored designed boots, girls haven’t been putting up their heeled boots up with the rest of their winter wardrobe. Balenciaga is definitely owning this trend with the various colors and patterns they offer, but you could cop an affordable pair at egoshoes.com.

(ALL: Balenciaga)




The off-the-shoulder trend has been going on for some seasons now but it will definitely be that thing this summer with all this blazing heat.

(1. @zolee_g 2. mattebrand.com 3. @theanayal8ter 4. sosorella.com)




Vans are everywhere and on everybody because other than it’s simply attractive design, Vans go with everything!

(1. @klosetenvy 2-3. #FoundonPinterest 4. @cerisezhane)




Orange is the new black this season! (SN: Is anyone as mad as I am about the cliff OITNB Season 5 left us on?! You’re mad after every season though, so what’s new Zhané?) Orange is this season’s it color. I’m really in love with the color when it’s on one of my black girls. #BlackGirlsInventedOrange

(1. Jacket: @samimirovintage Skirt: heronpreston.com 2. Outfit @ sosorella.com 3. #FoundonPinterest 4. kendall-kylie.com)


Refashioned Designer


Y’all know I’m here for this trend!@ Young black creatives are using designer pieces, canvases, and ideas and are making it and wearing it THEIR way. I’ve seen re-sloganed logos on bodysuits and hats to designer bags made into chokers and slides. Super excited to see the twists to come with this trend.

(1. Shirt: ninethirty.bigcartel.com Skirt: themannequin.co 2. luxefaves.com 3. sonniquesaturday.com 4. ninethirty.bigcartel.com)


Sophisticated Floral


The last trend on this time but certainly not the least of Summer ’17 is sophisticated floral. I’m crediting Gucci for the birth of this bomb trend. Floral print was so in about two or three summers ago and it has found it’s way back to us in a more classic, luxurious look.

(1. @iamtstykes_ 2. zara.com 3 & 4. Balenciaga)

If you’re still with me, leave a comment below of your Top 3 Summer ’17 trends from my list or any I haven’t listed. Tell us or show us how you using them this season! You can even tag us on Instagram: @fashionxzhane!


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